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10 keys to a homepage takeover ad that works

Article Highlights:     * Takeovers that begin quickly with non-static creatives are most effective     * A takeover is an event so the creative better be out of the ordinary     * Takeovers don’t need to be big and...

Tips and Tricks for Video Landing Pages

If there’s one common discussion on things to test with your landing pages,it’s whether or not to use video. Those in industries other than publishing have the most use for video,some might say. Video tutorials for software,repurposing commercials for...

Six Basics for Designing a Magazine Launch

Unless you nail these six design points,your magazine launch could turn into a fizzle. Launching a magazine requires expertise,timing,and a good concept. Even before that there’s a lot of research,development,and marketing that needs to be done. When your...

Four Design Essentials for the New Magazine

Hit the ground running with design that gets your new magazine idea off on the right track. The only way to convert a magazine idea into a real magazine is through design. At every turn,the more your publication looks like it’s established rather than merely a...

How to Make a Magazine Mock or Sample Issue

How to Make a Magazine Mock or Sample Issue So you’re ready to put your planned magazine into a physical format for the purpose of providing an example to the business,marketing,and targeted readership community you will serve.  As you make your magazine...

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