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Beauty Atlas Magazine

There are tons of travel guides on the market, but they’re almost always drab reads with monotonous listicles and hardly ever target the female traveler. Fewer speak to the female traveler looking for a beauty experience during her next adventure.

Founder and editor Lyndsay Green created Beauty Atlas as an extended hand, pulling those very women through beauty scenes in far-flung destinations.

The guide, which functions as an interactive magazine, introduces travelers to a new and inspiring region each issue. (Consider our cover stars as A-list tour guides showing you around.)
And for the culturally-curious who don’t have a trip planned,Beauty Atlas allows women to learn beauty secrets from women in other countries and to import the products they use into their own beauty bags, stateside.

Our team of savvy millennials has built Beauty Atlas on a digital platform for travelers to download, screenshot, and share content from any device while on the go. So, page through the issue, tap for captions, scroll for hidden elements, and zoom to your heart’s content.