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Built Magazine

For riders who like being different

For riders who like being different. You can ride in gangs, hang-out in bike shops or mingle with the crowds at big events, but motorcycling is fundamentally an individual thing. It’s about you, your bike and the road.

There are no rules to personalizing bikes. Some of us go the whole hog and create our own parts, our own machine. Some are happy with a few bolt-ons and a lick of paint. Some of us like the idea of a pristine motorcycle, others prefer the patina of a well-used old bike.

Built Magazine

But everyone who chooses not to ride a standard production model shares one attribute: they like to be different. And not just in the style of the machine, they want to do their own thing too. And the beauty is, there’s no right or wrong. It’s all inclusive. And that’s the essence of Built.

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