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Australia & New Zealand MagaizineThe UK’s number one magazine for Down Under – Australia & New Zealand – is set to launch in Ireland in October.

The magazine,which has won a number of awards from UK industry body the PPA,already serves the audience of travellers and migrants to Australasia from  the UK,and is now looking to cater for the thousands of Irish people making the trip down under.

It is estimated that just under 10% of the population of Australia claim Irish descent,(around 1.8 million) with over 80,000 Irish and Northern Irish citizen  living in Australia & New Zealand in 2008. That number is swelled each year by more than 10,000 migrants and travellers on working visas ; yet until now  Ireland has not had its own dedicated magazine.

Initially a quarterly publication,  Australia & New Zealand will have features and information dedicated to moving down under from Ireland,as well as travel ideas and information on making the most of working your way across the continent on a gap year. Dedicated advice and information will be provided by the many Irish Australia Big Country Covercompanies helping people to make the move of a lifetime.

John Weir,publisher of Australia & New Zealand magazine in Ireland says “There is a huge interest in travelling or migrating down under from Ireland,and we are excited about launching a dedicated edition for Irish readers.”

The first issue will go on sale across Ireland on the 6th September with a cover price of 5 euros,and will be available in Tesco,Easons,and all good newsagents.