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Avont MagazineAvont Magazine is a local up and coming,fully coloured,urban magazine. this fresh new innovative print media is structured to directly impact consumers with your creative advertising and information on your companys quality products. the idea is that Avont magazines,with its new positive spin on print media will be created to assist in the distribution of information.

With consumer ranging in all ages ,the constant influence of hip hop,urban culture and its diverse outlets is at an overwhelming growth and the demand for the product of its vast variables can simply not be ignored or denied.Use Avont Magazine to sell almost everything and you can be apart of this highly creative and anticipated outlet to successfully promote and market your product and or services.

Avont Magazine will not only just be informative on music,but will also feature the latest in fashion vendors,all events in entertainment with profiles ,feedback and interviews.The magazine will also have a arts and beauty column,as well as community polls,questionaires and letters from our readers for personal interaction,and so much more.Avont Magazine will be distributing across North America bi monthly during its infant years.

Avont Magazine will be the link from industry and manufactor to consumer.Our goal at Avont is to offer competitive pricing,with a new cutting edge magazine! Get connected to new potential clients,expand your market and increase yours and your consumers awareness on todays leading outlet. Urban!

You dont want to miss this opportunity,invest in yourself,invest in the future of your company and invest in a growing market.Our motivation and satisfaction comes from nurturing creative ideas,investing in being different,invest in your dream,AVONT INC.