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About Basenotes International Fragrance Quarterly

Over the last ten years Basenotes has established itself as the website of choice for fragrance consumers and industry professionals alike. With a daily readership of 20,000 visitors at,the online magazine generates 3,000,000 page views per month.

People visit for the 13,000 entry directory,the constantly updated industry news,features and interviews and to read from over 30,000 consumer reviews. The bustling community boards boast 30,000 registered members providing each other with invaluable information and feedback and enjoying fragrance appreciation together.

To mark it’s tenth birthday and the constant growth that the site is enjoying,Basenotes will now be available in print form to peruse at work,skim through on the train or enjoy in a luxuriously scented bubble bath! Basenotes International Fragrance Quarterly contains the insider industry information that has made so popular as well featuring unique content not available anywhere else and new regular features and columns.

Basenotes International Fragrance Quarterly is essential reading for the fragrance enthusiast and a reliable resource for the scent shopper. It is also a terrific tool for brand managers,sales assistants and other industry professionals,keeping them bang up to the minute with market news,whilst allowing them an insight into exactly what consumers want.