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The Rider’s Website – Updated regularly with original features,product reviews,industry news,photos,video and expanded coverage of Bicycle Times articles, will keep you turning the pedals day in and day out. With other web-only features like forums,a blog and galleries, is the place to go when you can’t ride.

Bicycle Times

Now more than ever,it’s time for the bicycle.
Throughout its 20-year history,Dirt Rag has been pushing the boundaries of what “fits” in a mountain bike magazine. We did it because we believe in the power of the bicycle,and frankly we couldn’t find good,in-depth general-purpose bicycle content anywhere else.
Times are changing. More people are riding bikes. Cities and towns are building bike lanes and bike paths. Many of us have been riding bikes our whole lives,and more people join our ranks every day. We’re building a place for all of them,in print and on the web. A place to learn,share,be inspired,and explore.
Bicycle Times is about the joy of riding. It was fun when we were growing up,and now it’s even more fun,and practical too. There’s riding to be done every day. Commuting,exploring,touring,transporting,racing or just riding along. Whether riding in the city,or out in the middle of nowhere on a country road,the joy of riding is what keeps us going. This will all be presented in an informative,friendly,unpretentious style. Bicycle Times will help you get started and carry you through your whole life.
Bicycle Times is a natural progression of publishing Dirt Rag Magazine for 20 years. Our devotion to the rotating mass of the bicycle wheel extends from the dirt to the pavement. Our staff has been riding for years on all kinds of surfaces,in all kinds of weather,on all kinds of bikes. We’re passionate,and want to share.
Bicycle Times will resemble Dirt Rag. We’ll stretch the vision of what a bike magazine can be,and in the process,create a forum for the everyday cyclist.
Join the ride. We’re living in Bicycle Times.