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We are spread out all over the country,from New York to Alaska.  We all came together in a group called Breakfast Club Photography.  We love to take photographs for ourselves and for others.  We chat almost nightly.  We are all friends that share the same passion for photography.  We learn from each other and lean on each other.  We are friends that share the same passion,and we want to share that passion with as many people as we can.

Breakfast Club Photography

 Welcome to the very fists issuer of Breakfast Club Photography Magazine,a magazine created by a few established photographer,aspiring photographers,and moms.  WE all met on a social networking site called Cafémom.  Over time we have traded photography secrets and tips,gotten to know one another,and of course become friends.  During one of our online visits – in-between children,laundry,customer calls and processing recent photo sessions – the ideal for our very own magazine was created; and now,here we are!

What better way to kick off our magazine than with weddings,a sign of new beginnings,new ventures and a new way of life… kind of like us!  We’ll cover the most important day in a couple’s life,from the flowers to the kiss and everything in-between.  We’ll cover what to look for in a photographer,how to prepare for photographing the wedding,and what to do when things go wrong.

Tina FranciscoWe’ll also cover “Trash the Dress” – a newer,non-traditional way of photography that’s rapidly sweeping the nation.  Trash the Dress originated in New York and is now popular all the way to California.  I’ve even seen some sessions done in Hawaii!  What is Trash the Dress?  Well that’s a broad question,but to sum it up quickly – anything you normally wouldn’t do in a formal gown.  A few years ago it was only with former brides and their wedding dress,but now it has expanded to high school girls in their prom dresses.  Trashing is mostly for fun,partly for artistic reason,and in the end… why not?