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Dog’s Life is a magazine for dog lovers. Through meaningful stories,an educational series,humorous articles,artistic appeal,product exposure and modern humane ideas we hope to:

Dog's Life Magazine Summer 2009    * Educate
    * Create Awareness
    * Entertain
    * Inform
    * Inspire
    * Emphasize Commitment


“Be Your Dog’s Best Friend”

Dog's Life Magazine Summer 2008Our mission is to promote dog adoption from the shelter and rescue community and serve as a platform for the best practices of modern and humane dog guardianship. The editorial elements in each issue will provide current and future dog owners with the tools necessary to ensure the best dog’s life. Since dogs have long been considered man and woman’s “best friend” we believe it’s time to return the favor.

Originally from New Orleans,Louisiana,Yvonne has always loved dogs. A graduate from Tulane University in New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts,Yvonne worked in advertising and production for television and radio. She also volunteered for the Louisiana SPCA and Humane Society of New Orleans,which changed her life. After many years in the advertising business,Yvonne decided to follow her heart and in 2003 she left New Orleans and moved to San Diego to work as an adoption counselor at the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Yvonne B. MejiaIt was here that Yvonne recognized the unfilled need for an informational resource in dog care and felt her background in animal welfare and communications made her the perfect person to develop one. Her idea was a magazine that solidified her philosophy about the value of adoption and rescue and the importance of commitment in pet ownership presented in an appealing modern format — Dog’s Life: Be Your Dog’s Best Friend was born.

Yvonne then moved to Los Angeles to learn the ins-and-outs of the publishing industry. She worked at WHERE magazine and Giant magazine,honing her knowledge base while developing Dog’s Life during the nights and weekends. Yvonne recruited a seasoned art director with national newsstand experience to design the magazine and give it a high profile quality.

Dog's Life Magazine Spring 2008Four years after she first started developing the magazine,Dog’s Life launched its first issue on September 1,2007. This now award-winning magazine is receiving much attention for its mission to promote dog adoption from the shelter and rescue community and serve as a platform for the best practices of humane dog guardianship.

Dog’s Life is available on a quarterly basis and is supported by advertising and subscriptions. Dog’s Life also practices what they preach and plans to give a portion of ad sales and subscription sales to support spay/neuter programs.

Dog’s Life magazine has fulfilled her dream and Yvonne hopes it will encourage its readers to be their dog’s best friend.