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Downwind is the magazine source for promoting the passion for General Aviation.  Our content will instruct,inform and entertain potential and current aviators.  The features and columns are written by aviation enthusiasts of all experiences levels and are based on the premise that all pilots can learn from each other to further develop their piloting skills.

Downwind Magazine

The monthly issues will include articles that cover aviation new,products and how to use them,equipment upgrades and advances,events,interviews,places to visit,regulations,and much more.
The target market for Downwind is individual’s interested in becoming pilots and owners of single and mulit-engine aircrafts.  By providing information that is innovative and practical,we know that Downwind will become the best flying publication for all who share a love for navigating the skies.

Downwind is a free magazine that will be distributed to FOSs,flight schools,aeronautical universities,pilot shop,placement on charter aircraft,and avionics and maintenance shops.  Downwind’s circulation program ensures that your advertisement will reach aviation enthusiasts and be the gateway to attract new pilots to the market while continuing to expand marketing exposure to experienced active pilots.