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fiore MagazineWelcome to the online home of Bloomington’s new literary and arts magazine,fiore. Check back often to get the most recent updates on our blog,learn more about us,submit your work,or simply get in touch. fiore would love your feedback,which you can give by commenting on a blog post,emailing us,giving us a ring,or even writing a letter!

fiore is not profit based,and consists of a staff of volunteers that review and edit artistic submissions received from the Bloomington community for its bimonthly publication. If you have a question that isn’t answered on,email the editors directly at editor (at)

fiore was founded in October 2008 and was mainly the brainchild of Dawn K. Shanks,though she received significant support from Sarah Kaiser (the two were co-editors of the now-defunct Cultureweek) and the literary and artistic folks that now make up the fiore staff. The first issue was launched in Mid-January and is scheduled to continue a bimonthly schedule,save its Summer issue (covering May-August).  Eve Eisenberg and Crisia Miroiu will be taking over fiore in Fall 2009.

fiore is proud to be a venue for artistic expression of Bloomington community members and accepts submissions from all– whether you’re a 16 year old Bloomington South student,a 65 year old Bloomington native or a Indiana University newcomer,we hope you enjoy and contribute to fiore.

If you would like to take advantage of fiore’s ability to reach a wide range of members of the Bloomington community,fiore has many advertising opportunities available.

The poeple that make this possible –

fiore magazine layoutDawn K. Shanks: Founder of fiore,first chief editor.  Dawn saw fiore through its first year and has recently turned over chief editorial duties to Crisia Miroiu and Eve Eisenberg.

Eve Eisenberg (Editor,Lit Team)

Eve Eisenberg has a BA from Duke University,an MA from Binghamton University,and is currently a Ph.D. student in the English Department at IU,where she also teaches composition.  Her main academic focus is African Anglophone literature,though she happily studies just about anything written in any era in any place. For fun,she reads fiore and various scifi novels,the more sciencey the better.  Eve is from New York.

Crisia Miroiu (Editor,Art team)

Crisia hails from Bucharest,Romania where she obtained a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Bucharest. Since moving to Bloomington in 2008,Crisia has become an PR Assistant at Indiana University Mathers Museum as well as a photographer with Your Art Here.

Ben Black (Lit team)

Ben Black graduated from San Francisco State University in 2008 with a degree in Creative Writing and worked on Transfer,the school’s literary magazine.  He has also written for Cultureweek.

FioreCaitlin Zittkowski (Lit team)

Caitlin,newest addition to the fiore crew,is a senior at IU majoring in English and Germanic Studies.

Tyler James Perry (Art team)

Tyler is a prolific journalist whose work has been featured in various publications including the Indiana Daily Student,The Ryder,Cultureweek and now fiore writing album reviews and features. He is a senior majoring in Journalism at IU.