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Future Rockstars of America –“FR*A” began as a collective of musicians and artists.  This community is organically growing into a team of forward thinking individuals with the future of music on the brain.  FRAmagazine is the embodiment of the experiences that this community lives and thrives.  Within these URL’s we hope to document the revolution.

I know it’s been awhile,but we’ve been working on many things.
For those who don’t know we opened up an agency last year and have been busy keeping our clients happy.  With all the transitions going on,we haven’t had time to focus on the FRA brand itself.

Finally we got a little breather,and we got to re-structure our blog,it is now formally found here:

Future Rockstars of America

You’ll notice we’ve changed our format and work hand in hand with a team of artists/musicians/observers who make up for our content.  I believe this allows us to get back to our core mission:  to document the cultural happenings and changes around us,thus perpetuating: "Local talent on a global scale".

Please swing by and take a look around.  We’re getting back to our regular featured content as well; you can expect a myriad of interesting content in the upcoming months.


-FRA Staff