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Goddess MagazineGoddess Magazine is the premier online lifestyle magazine for today’s urban young women.  Our purpose is to provide teens,ages 14-18,with a positive and clear outlook on today’s often harsh society.  Goddess Magazine is a bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that caters to young women’s health,fitness,fashion,beauty,and career needs.  Goddess Magazine has added a special flare to the publication; the readers will be the magazine’s writers.  This is a great way for teens to express their creativity and establish a special relationship with Goddess Magazine.

Goddess Magazine is also dedicated to mentoring young women to become leaders and inspire them to connect with themselves and with others!

Danielle WildemanDanielle Wideman is a graduate of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb,IL.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Communications.   While at NIU,Ms. Wideman was the Editor-in-Chief of NIU’s The Voice. While in this position,Ms. Wideman transformed the publication from a print version under the old name,Huskies Highlights to an online version.  She implemented an internship program to stay within the budget.  She hired writers,graphic designers and photographers.  With this position,Ms. Wideman has learned the importance of starting and running a magazine.

Currently,Ms. Wideman is working on her MBA at The University of Phoenix-Chicago Campus.