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Grow Northwest MagazineWelcome to the premier issue of Grow Northwest,a new magazine celebrating local food,farms and community in northwest Washington. Like many local business owners,we love what we do! And like many families and residents in the Northwest,we love what local farmers,food producers and artisans do! So we have taken our passion for community publishing (we also operate What’s Up! Magazine and the Foothills Gazette in Whatcom County) and love of local food,farms and living,and combined them to create Grow Northwest.

Our mission is to bring readers an abundance of information,resources and seasonal content about local food,farms and life,and offer an advertising outlet for farmers,businesses,artisans,organizations and others who take pride in bringing their goods and services to the community at large.

There is real passion in the Northwest for supporting the local economy and those who grow,make,produce and create. We intend to make this magazine a go-to guide for those who enjoy living locally.