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Healing Touch CentreThe healing touch centre magazine seeks to feature people who,through the use of their creative ability have been able to produce good products,by following their inner guidance and expanding their awareness of who they are and the creative ability within which is forever seeking expansion.

The Healing Touch magazine is committed to inspire,empower and encourage its readers to awaken to their spiritual magnificence.  The Healing Touch Centre has been in operation since July of 1991.  The centre first began offering telephone counseling and prayer.  Soon after various aspects of needs in some communities became evident the management and team expanded their borders by facilitating numerous outreach programs to enhance better lifestyle and personal development for persons.Healing touch Centre

The centre operates through the freewill offering of gifts and financial support,it’s a nonprofit organization. It is managed my it’s founder and President Dr.Taska Hare and a committed group of volunteers.

The healing touch centre offers pastoral care and counseling services.  It is directed to the restoration of the whole man (spirit,soul and body) through effective counseling and compassionate ministry.

LAUNCH PARTY ON 11/12/2009

More information coming as we get closer to our launch!