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Honey was a monthly magazine in the United Kingdom for young women,launched by Fleetway Publications in April 1960. It was founded by Audrey Slaughter (later wife of Charles Wintour and step-mother of Anna Wintour) with Jean McKinley as editor. A cover tagline was introduced in October 1960 that read "For the teens and twenties" – by 1962 this had become "Young,gay and get-ahead."

At its height,Honey sold about 250,000 copies a month. Sales slid in the 1980s,however,and in 1986,IPC Media (which had been formed by the merger of several companies,including Fleetway) announced its closure and it was merged into 19. The last issue was dated September 1986. Glenda Bailey was the last editor of Honey. Staff on Honey have included Eve Pollard and Catherine Bennett.