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Honor StudentOur mission here at Honor Student Magazine is to offer a select group of high school students a unique platform in which to highlight their exceptional student performance. In addition to honoring student success stories,we are dedicated to bringing accurate and useful information about the exciting yet scary journey from the college application process to higher education success. Every issue also spotlights a university or college we think is worthy of consideration by our readership. Honor Student Magazine is the place where the best high school students can find the best information in preparing for college and more!

Honor Student magazine’s target audience is geared towards high school guidance counselors,parents and most importantly,the students.

Honor Student magazine’s content department inludes but not limited to Prepare for Students,Prepare for college for parents,Educate,Profiles of select students,and Succeed (Q&A).

Honor Student magazine’s target advertisers include colleges,universities,and any prepare for college type businesses.

To get in contact with Honor Student Magazine:

Rick Lyons,[email protected],215-595-6128