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Lucky is a shopping and style magazine which calls itself the " Ultimate Shopping Guide " and " The Magazine About Shopping ." Lucky "showcases what to wear and how to wear it,making fashion and beauty fun and accessible." Available by subscription,issues are published once a month and offer shopping tips,fashion advice,and articles detailing current trends. The magazine also runs a website with many similar features.

Since its launch in December 2000,Lucky has been one of Condé Nast’s biggest successes,with circulation going from 500,000 to over 1.1 million. Claiming to be a "voice of a friend in the know," the magazine provides suggestions in a writing style that mimics a conversation with the reader’s best,and most likely female,friend. Unlike other magazines that advise their readers on a broad spectrum of issues,Lucky’s consumerist tendencies are not confined to the advertising pages (of which there are many),but fill each issue in articles with titles such as: " What I Want Now "," Trend in the Making "," My Foolproof Outfit ",and " Do Good While You Shop ". Every issue features a spread on some of the cover girl’s favorite clothes and trends.