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Lula magazine describes itself as being "the kind of girl you’d have a crush on. Or be intimidated by. Her style is all old-fashioned cameras,70’s dresses,patterned stockings,heavy mascara. She’d live in an apartment where the wallpaper is peeling off,but it would be held together lovingly by a litter of poems and polaroids. Her CDs would be all over the floor,but she’d know the name of every one.

Luckily for us,Lula is a magazine,so we can peek inside the debauch glamour of her life without her knowing. She comes all the way from London; from the cobblestone streets and brooding grey light and brilliant green of gardens. She brings us photographs,interviews,fashion,music and memories of childhoods lost. She’s thick as a book,haunting as a fairy tale,and would look damn lovely sitting on your coffee table.