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Midwest Mix MagazineMidwest Mix Magazine is a regional magazine for people in Southern Minnesota. The culture and artistic communities of the region abound with a wide range of people,places and opportunities to explore. Midwest Mix Magazine stories are designed to celebrate the arts,people,places and cultures in Southern Minnesota that contribute to our quality of life.

Our Mission

To promote Southern Minnesota by connecting people to the region’s rich culture,expanding people’s knowledge of local talent,and encouraging them to participate in their local and surrounding communities by promoting local businesses,community events and new talent. Midwest Mix Magazine features local stories about:

Edell Fiedler• People—musicians,bands,artists,writers
• Destinations—places to go in Southern Minnesota
• Arts and culture
• Theatre
• Book reviews
• Music reviews
• Musings—original works
• Calendar of events
 Midwest Mix Magazine is a hit with local readers.  Incoming survey results are showing that 100% of people surveyed enjoy the magazine and plan to share it with others. It shows that the word is spreading! Since July 1st,the magazine has had more than 19,000 hits and the Facebook Fan Page has more than 100 confirmed fans.

Here is what people enjoy:

• content (showcasing local talent,businesses,entrepreneurs and artists)
• the sophisticated layout,color and design
• easy and engaging to read
• nice look,good information
• the variety of articles
Midwest Mix MagazineMidwest Mix Magazine targets readers,both male and female,who are interested in the arts and want to read about local artists,musicians,books,music,original works,places to visit,places to eat and events to be a part of.  The typical age range for these readers is between 25 to 65. However,it is important to note that anyone may find specific articles to fit their niche.  The majority of readers are most likely to be vested in their communities and view the arts/entertainment sector as an important component in the areas quality of life. Many will have degrees,or be working toward degrees. Other readers will be those from outside the region who are visiting the area.  
The magazine is provided to the public at no cost,thanks to advertiser support,and is placed at key distribution areas in Southern Minnesota.  Plus,the magazine is fully downloadable online at,giving potential national and international coverage of the magazine.