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We’re absolutely delighted to bring a new,exciting magazine to the Chicagoland community and to
embark in a direction that allows immense opportunity to have an impact on thousands of sociallyconscious
readers,and gives both longtime and new advertisers a great arena for engaging our

Mindful MetropolisWe strive to BRING TOGETHER COMMUNITIES throughout the Chicago metropolitan and surrounding areas with like-minded concepts and FRESH IDEAS. We explore GREEN CULTURE,ART AND DESIGN. We investigate sustainable ways to live in an urban community. We bring conscious living concepts from the kitchen table to the boardroom table and all places in between. We PROMOTE businesses,non-profits,local organizations and educational institutions which INSPIRE individuals and communities to ACT RESPONSIBLY personally,for their inner circles and for their outer spheres. We think outside the box,yet are practical in our approach to what is maintainable. We attract readers who are ACTIVELY ENGAGED and who are committed to continually growing and educating themselves. We are low impact and high concept. We never forget that KINDNESS IS AN ENVIRONMENTAL MISSION. We are eco-active,enviro-sensitive and socially involved. We are connecting Chicago’s conscious community.