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Serendipity Magazine is the premier Asian wedding magazine and is published twice a year for the Southern California bride. Although there are many wedding service providers in Southern California,there is not an exceptionally great resource for Asian brides of Chinese,Korean,Japanese,Filipino,or Vietnamese decent. Serendipity Magazine is the ultimate local resource for wedding ideas,services and products that will be beneficial to Asian brides and grooms!

Serendipity MagazineOur goals:
We strive to establish ourselves as one of the influential and prominent wedding magazines available on the market today. With our focus on the Asian American community,Serendipity Magazine will be the foremost resource in providing accurate and insightful information regarding Asian traditions,customs,and current trends. Serendipity Magazine will also be a fully comprehensive wedding guide capable of being a primary resource for brides of all backgrounds.

Mission Statement:
The Asian American community is so large within Southern California that it has become one of the defining characteristics of the region itself. Correspondingly,the number of Asian consumers and businesses exist in extremely substantial numbers as well.

One of Serendipity Magazine’s principal priorities is to bring these Asian owned businesses to the forefront of the booming wedding industry,and help match them to the vast numbers of potential customers who may have previously been unattainable due to lack of exposure.

Aside from bringing the Asian community together,Serendipity Magazine is also committed to helping all our advertisers specifically target the Asian consumer. We will be the ways and means for businesses to expand their audience to include the very large Asian population that makes up so much of Southern California.

Serendipity Magazine will enable every one of our advertisers to achieve the growth and expansion they desire by exposure through a highly ambitious distribution network.