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Somojo MagazineThe idea for hung around in no-mans land for a while until a good friend suggested that it might be worth putting it together,as my passion for music,film and photography could make it a success.
Initially the plan was for an internet radio station for independent and unsigned artists with the possibility of me doing some photography and video work with the musicians on the site.

The Somojo radio station website saw the light of day on the 7th September 2008 and has steadily grown with some great frienships being developed along the way. During this time,suggestions from artists and fans on Somojo,together with my own thoughts and ideas made me realise that the website could expand beyond the scope of a radio station only frame work. It was while considering the options available,that the inspiration for the Somojo Magazine took hold. A few days of hunting the internet researching how to put it together and less than a week later the basic structure is in place.

I’m still fine tuning the programme shedules and shows for the radio station to be streamed ‘live’ across the interweb and I am taking on this project that will need feeding like a hungry beast.

Somojo RadioAm I mad?

Very possibly yes,but being ‘normal’ would just be too bloody boring!

Take care