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Sports Teen MagazineNdalo Media,publisher of the popular Destiny and Destiny Man magazines,has launched SportsTeen,an original,locally produced magazine.

Positioned as “hot sports,cool life”,the magazine captures the energy,attitude and interests of sports-crazed,hip South African teen boys.

“SportsTeen is a one-of-a-kind magazine that combines sport and lifestyle in one trendy package for teen boys. It targets readers within the LSM 7-10 bracket who love sport,are looking for reliable information and who place great value on personal image and social acceptance,” explains SportsTeen Managing Editor,Fiona Davern.

The magazine’s tone is fun,witty and irreverent,but its ultimate aim is to inform,inspire and entertain its young readers. The content is 60% sports and 40% lifestyle,with a 60:40 skew towards international sports. SportsTeen has a strong bias towards soccer and the local and international stars in this arena due to increasing interest in the sport among teenage boys ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This primary focus is followed by content geared towards rugby and cricket fans,and then other sports such as swimming,surfing,golf,hockey,boxing and motorsport.

Its sports focus is balanced with fashion and grooming sections featuring current trends and tips,as well as an extensive lifestyle section profiling the latest games,gadgets,health and fitness,music,movies,lifeskills,how-to features and relationship and career advice.

“Our readers are between the ages of 13 and 19. They’re passionate about playing and watching sports,but also hungry for new and empowering sports-related content. They’re connected and depend on technology to stay informed and socially engaged. They also place huge emphasis on personal image,with grooming,fashion and music ranking highly. These are teens with considerable spending power,who know what they want,” adds Davern.

SportsTeen will tap into this market perfectly through its combined sports-lifestyle orientation. And,to ensure its content retains its edge and remains relevant,the magazine will feature a panel of teen editors,“The Squad”,who will contribute to the editorial content and assist with providing direction. Supersport and 5FM Sports Journalist,Sias du Plessis,takes on the role of Sports Editor-at-Large.

Supporting the print publication,and further catering to readers’ needs for networking opportunities,SportsTeen will also host – an interactive website containing original content and social networking capabilities that will allow teens to share and network their passion for sport.

SportsTeen will hit the shelves on 16 September,with scheduled to go live the same day.