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Vintage MagazineInspired by Fleur Cowles’ Flair (published 1950-1951),a magazine that explored the possibilities of print,font,color,photography,and texture,while offering an array of articles—on art,music,fashion,food,travel,culture—written by noted artists and authors of the day …Vintage Magazine brings to the fore,with the eloquent voices of today’s writers and artists,the impact of history on our present culture. The term “vintage” is used in its broadest sense— focusing on the excellence of,the finest of things,both in content and presentation.

A peek into the premier issue of Vintage Magazine can be found by visiting the “We’ve Got Issues” page of this site. The magazine itself offers a multi-textured foray through history and out into the present; I do hope you choose to participate.

That said,we believe that the innovative,textured qualities of print have counterparts in the lush,multi-tiered,ever-evolving environment of the Web. Please stay tuned as takes on new form…bringing forth the sounds,the lore and allure of the past and offering a spot to share observations about the import of history on our present day.