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Thrive Magazine

A business magazine for female founders

THRIVE Magazine helps increase the visibility of female founders..

Every quarter, we publish and print a free magazine which inspires, informs, celebrates, and supports the diverse range of female founders in Brighton and beyond. Our exclusive content features female founders of start-ups and growing small businesses, as well as practitioners who support women in business.

Our social purpose is to increase the start-up and survival rates of female-led businesses in Brighton and beyond. In Brighton and Hove, there are 13,800 self-employed women, compared to 19,100 self-employed men.. Nationally, in 2016, only 22% of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with no employees, and 20% of SMEs with employees, were led by women.. In the same year, just 9 per cent of the investment that poured into UK start-ups went to companies with a female founder.. The Thrive team intends to change these statistics for the better, and reduce the gender imbalance between female and male-led businesses.