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Womb Magazine

WOMB was produced by VFILES + Kevin Amato, but was created out of collaboration between the users from this platform.

As the first entirely crowdsourced magazine, it not only shows us how our community lives, thinks, and feels, but gives us the opportunity to show the world too.

“Womb is theirs. A birthing place and platform for emerging artists of all genres and mediums. Ideas and concepts move with fluidity. There’s no dictation of caliber, just voices of empathy and passion. We tend to classify, almost judge one another based on fashion and trends. Womb is more than the voice of materiel identification and social stance based on demographic marketing…WOMB is by the kids and for the kids… the global voice for creative cultivators and move-makers. Innovators who see beyond current trends… who see beyond borders. Figuratively and literally.” Kevin Amato, Editor in Chief of ‘WOMB GLOBAL’