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Lynx Media is a leading developer of PC based subscription software and product fulfillment software. Serving publishers since 1987, Lynx Media has extensive experience and a range of solutions that can meet the needs of just about any Subscription Management/Membership organization.

Our PC, in-house based products include First Edition, a subscription management system, P.O.S.T., an order entry and product fulfillment system with inventory, LynxBingo, as reader service database for magazine bingo cards, and Lynx Ecommerce for web subscriptions and memberships.

Lynx Media offers advanced automation features such as our one-pass update for issue closing which handles status management (expires, credit suspends, etc.), continuity renewing, recurring billing, vacation/snowbird status settings, audit qualification, gracing, and dozens of snapshot issue fulfillment reports on each issue, saved in a database. In addition we offer advanced speed tools for data entry such as auto-capitalizing/uppercasing, pull down selection list, Order/Bill-to Templates, Group/Gift one-step order entry/renewal, USA and Canadian postal lookups for fill-in cities, state/province and phone area codes.

We offer on-site training or web-based training. For web-based training, we connect to your computer via GoToMyPC, and work with your data on the problems you want to solve. In addition we offer data conversion services for both our subscription software and product fulfillment software and have the experience of over 1,000 successful data conversions of a wide variety of subscription systems.

Lynx Media fully supports NCOA (National Change of Address) and USPS’s ACS (Address Change Service) for publication. And we offer easy import of order/change transactions from web or telemarketing electronic files for new orders, renewals, payments, or changes.

Our integrated Email Module offers users the ability to email renewals, bills, acknowledgements, as well as send email blasts to selected subscribers or prospects.