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William Dunkerley Publishing Consultants is a leading firm providing business consulting and organization development services. Founded in 1981, the firm specializes exclusively in assisting publishing companies and other media organizations.
We help our clients to meet challenges and solve problems, to identify and seize opportunities, and to grow and prosper. Clients are offered practical ways for improving their strategies, organization’s, operations, and profits.

Our work involves the development of strategic business and marketing plans, conducting business and sectoral analyses, designing and conducting training programs, team building, executive coaching, devising organizational structures and workflow procedures, and performing marketing and audience research.

The firm has played a key role in countless publication start-ups and in the turnaround or improvement of many existing publications. We have also developed innovative approaches ranging from the use of interactive satellite television broadcasts to international Internet-based communities.

Our involvement in your business can range anywhere from simple telephone consultations to extensive on-site interventions. Work with each client is tailored to that client’s particular needs. Services may be used on a one-time basis, by retainer, per diem, or by project.

The firm’s principal consultant, William Dunkerley, is a recognized authority on the business needs of publishing organizations. His writings have appeared in numerous professional magazines in the United States and internationally. He also has been selected as a contributor for major encyclopedias and has lectured at hundreds of conventions and professional gatherings. Before founding his consultancy, he was president of a technical publishing company, and publications manager for a large national non-profit association.