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VERTIQUL by Advontemedia represents the perfect delivery format based on modern user experience and real reader behavior.

We’ve built a creative platform structure that preserves the style that makes magazines great not only for today, but for our digital future.

Magazines are crossing the digital divide where yesterday’s connotation of a paginated magazine meets the digital content sequenced magazine of today and a future where readers and advertisers will only know our brands as digital. The vertical orientation design represents the logical transformation of the traditional print layout based magazine to the modern day UX for digital content.

Our team and process addresses everything our publisher clients need for both the simple addition of vertical editions as well as the tools for logical revenue increase based on the significantly improved results and engagement with every issue.

See this award winning digital editions software platform with live examples.  The site includes a summary of the advantage of using a leading ADA compliant solution for reader accessibility.


[Visit now to watch the digital edition platform advantage video]


Designed for a Vertical Presentation

The vertically designed magazine leverages the print magazine style in a digital format that doesn’t look programmatic. We have designed it to flow seamlessly in a vertical format.

Responsive, Device Independent Issue

The responsive cross-platform operating system and device independent presentation mean that users on any desktop or mobile device can view the issue and long form content in one place without separate apps, tools, templates or access points.

Navigation & Quick Access

Table of Contents and individual page or section links provide a fully indexed edition structure. In addition to the logical UX control and scroll pace set by the reader, the filmstrip progression adds even more position feedback and quick access control.

Audience Issue Analytics

In addition to Google Premium Analytics tracking for digital editions domain visibility for acquisition, mobile platform, behavior and custom tracking. Got your own tracking or conversion scrips? No problem, we can accommodate 3rd party custom analytics suites or tools!

Digital Edition Publishing

The best digital publishing platform is one that can meet all the needs for responsive visual presentation on any device without using apps or downloads. Selecting the top vendor makes a difference when your publishing business must provide the leading edge and value to advertisers.  View the modern digital edition software features of VERTIQUL.