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Back in the 1980’s we set out to develop and print our first magazine title. It was hard to find a source that offered information about the magazine industry and there was no print facility that offered complete publication services from printing to distribution. Upon completing all of our research and struggle to finally print and mail out our first magazine – we understood that many other publishers must come across the same obstacles and frustrations that hindered us. So we began Profiles Marketing Group to become a resource and service company to the custom magazine industry.

With the introduction and explosion of the internet in the 1990’s we registered and launched to further market our magazine printing and publication services. To be an even better advocate of the magazine industry we have even written and compiled complete resource guides to better educate anyone interested in the magazine business or those just starting out with a new title.

Today, we still publish many of our own magazine titles and service dozens of other magazine publishers. With our long history and focus solely on magazine printing, production, and distribution we understand magazines and keep pace with the ever changing technological advancements. Our staff gets excited with every new magazine title we see and can provide services for!