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The time is ripe to call in all of our chits and begin publication of a new magazine devoted to increasing the creativity,quality and value of your magazine. We are convinced of a strong need for a publication that focuses on editorial,design and production for magazine professionals who want to make their titles the best they can. The result of our conviction is FPO—For Publications Only. Every issue will feature profiles of influential publication designers and their process and product; advice on improving your creativity,productivity and enjoyment at work; and practical procedures for improving every aspect of your title—from the front cover to the back of the book. We want FPO to be your resource for information and referral. There will be reviews of new software and hardware,as well as creative evaluations of fonts and stock art sources. Finally,we are hoping that FPO and this accompanying web site will become a community resource where readers have access to exclusive content such as expert advice,shared font,photo and template libraries and a lively forum for comment and criticism that takes the magazine content to the next level.