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Advontemedia,Inc.Advontemedia Incorporated,was created to help magazine publishers secure their brands in digital media formats. Our media kit and ad sales team setup is based on maximizing revenue for publishers.


about us – modern magazine publishing strategy

Advontemedia provides magazine publishers with innovative digital media strategies to leverage the publication brand growth. We focus on the delivery of value to readers and advertisers across print,web,and digital media. We maximize the publisher niche ownership for readership growth.

Our straight forward strategy plans focus on the optimization of publisher revenue capabilities. We optimize the publication’s existing cross media ad inventory and provide information,ideas,and strategies to determine suitable online and digital tools.

Magazine Publishing Consultants: Magazine Consultants


our services – design,digital media,& marketing

We manage the proper implementation of the following projects:
* magazine website design & re-designs
* magazine website cms project management/development (open-source or enterprise)
* digital magazine edition implementation
* digital magazine circulation (delivery,promotions and marketing)
* magazine apps and tablet edition planning
* media kit re-design / ad sales presentation strategy

iphone,android,ipad,& other tablet apps and editions

Magazine apps and tablet magazine editions will enable publishers to leverage their magazine brands just as digital editions provided us with a web based distribution and marketing tool.

Magazine Website Design & Magazine CMS: Magazine Web Design

We have several digital magazine development options and provide full service to publishers that want to create a unique digital,tablet,and app editions of their magazines.