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When you first start a magazine publishing business expect to face the pressure of competing against those magazines that have been in the industry for years and also other new players with hefty pocketbooks who are able to experiment with different layouts and titles before they settle on one particular look. If you decide that you,too,want to be in this industry,be aware that it’s a pretty tough sell.

Oftentimes,those in business don’t count out magazine publishing as a possible venture to get into,and in fact,it can be a good thing. There’s also an image of magazine publishing as a wonderful,lucrative challenge. It’s certainly not glamorous,but there’s money in it for those who are willing to work hard and can be successful in it. It’s true that some of the so-called “old” players have sold out,but it’s likely that they did so at quite a profit to new magnates. If you want to start up your own magazine,what’s going to be your first step?

First, decide on what your magazine’s concept is going to be. Brainstorm on your own at first. Your interests in the magazine world would suggest that you like to read magazines yourself. Therefore, take a look at what’s already out there and read up on the industry itself. Do you have favorite titles you follow? Take a look at those, and take a look at other popular titles, too. Make sure you check outside of your comfort zone as well as within it so that you know what your audience is going to be reading. This will help you come up with a fresh, new approach, that just might make you successful.

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