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Circulation auditing increases ad sales and contributes to more efficient,accountable,and cost-effective circulation management. Audit reports provide persuasive,comprehensive,and authoritative analysis of your circulation,leaving no room for guesswork for advertisers.

That sounds pretty great,right? But how do you go about implementing all that joy and wonder so your publication benefits fully? Here are some solid tips for starters:

Display your audit credentials to promote your status as an audited publication. Prove that you have met the expectation that media buyers have of you. Print your auditing company’s logo on your masthead,sales material,rate cards,letterhead,invoices,and promotional ads.

Make your audit reports available to sales staff. Third-party verification makes your circulation claims more concrete. Explore how to best highlight the strengths of your publication by meeting with your Advertising Director and other key staff members. Your sales employees should have plenty of copies of the audit report and should know how to put it to work.

Educate advertisers. Include reprints of your audit report in media kits. Use your audit report to promote your integrity and commitment to accuracy. Advertisers will recognize the extra effort you make to guarantee that their message reaches interested readers.

Integrate the audit process into your departmental reviews. The audit provides a measure of the accuracy and efficiency of your internal systems,as well as an evaluation of the quality of your distribution and success in reaching your desired audience.

These are just a few of the things you can do to make your audit mean more than a required piece of paper. For more information and help on getting your publication set up for auditing,contact Verified Audit Circulation at (415) 461-6006.

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