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If your web site is not currently creating revenue you are missing a huge opportunity!

The reality is that the Internet Age is here to stay and is gaining popularity everyday as more and more people become comfortable online. In the U.S. alone,approximately 75% of households have internet access. Never before have so many consumers had easy access to so much information,and many are looking online for more every day.

Based on those facts,it is fair to say that your current and potential subscribers are already online. Your target market is actually looking for you online – are you positioned to capture their attention? You need to not only have an online presence; your web site needs to meet the needs of your users to keep them coming back. And your publication’s site must be better than the other sites your potential users will review before settling on a source of information they feel will have the best print information (and online content & community) based on your website presentation.

As a print publication you have no excuse for not making money online. The biggest hurdles to financial success online are areas of strength for every print publication. You have access to ample fresh content; just think of all the content that you edit that never makes it to print. You already have a loyal base of users (your subscribers/readers) that are also online everyday.There is no good reason why you should not be capturing their attention online as well. You have advertisers that depend on you based on your niche market. These same advertisers are looking for opportunities online to reach their target market. And lastly,you have the means to promote your web site via your current print publication.

Just think about those four elements for a moment.Content,Audience,Advertisers,& Marketing,and how difficult (not to mention costly) it is to establish all four of those from scratch. These are the hurdles you faced when you started your print publication. The hard work to establish outlets for acquiring quality content,the money that was invested in marketing and promoting your publication to attract subscribers and advertisers alike. You have already laid the foundation for a successful website,now it is time to take advantage of that hard work by allowing your website to work for you.

How will you make the most of this opportunity?

Your Publication Website Development and Maintenance Options  

Now that you’re convinced that your publication website should be an asset not an expense or liability here are your options to accomplish your vision.

You have three options at this point.

The first option,(selected by many publishers today when confronted with what seem to be a daunting challenge) is to do nothing. This is the easiest option but also the most costly in the long run.The amount of lost revenue from hesitating on this opportunity may astound you.Not to mention the market space loss to the competitor who decides to act first and gains opportunities that would have easily been in your court.

The second option is to build the web site in-house to take advantage of the 4 keys to online success. The ongoing expense to hire a team of quality web designers and programmers is astronomical for a small to mid sized publication making this option virtually impossible for all but the largest publications. For publishers that do have programming experience and have been self developing your site,you can appreciate the massive time requirements and troubleshooting that eat away at your precious time.Major publishers have teams of web devoted specialist,tremendous budgets,and yet most of these sites are absent of the right components for success.

The third and most effective option is to utilize a turn-key content and functionality management system.  Using a pre-built platform service,you’ll still have the creative ability to give your magazine website the design and branding to match your print magazine.  Many new magazine publishers are even choosing to start online altogether before they move to print.

To learn more about the Infoswell magazine style solution for publishers,read on…

Infoswell has reviewed hundreds of website components and developed the only publication centric website solution of its kind. The Infoswell service solution makes immediate sense for print publications ready to start making money online. Every client website framework is designed to meet your Publication’s niche objectives online. How does the Infoswell Framework Maximizes Your Publication Profitability?

We understand the time and effort it takes to get your publication ready for print on deadline. One of the comments we hear daily from our perspective clients is that they do not have the time,resources,or necessary skills to maintain a feature rich website. As such,their web sites are often viewed as a liability. Your website should be one of your greatest assets. Our solution was developed with the goal of increasing the publications overall revenue,achieving readership online community,and providing a simple to manage website without the need to add any additional staff.

Our service comes with a strategy for every client’s roadmap to online success. The startup plan details step by step instructions for each component as well as many invaluable tips (i.e. how to promote your web site in your print publication) to increase revenue. Your website is not only a source of online revenue; your website will significantly grow your publication’s subscribers and create a stronger bond with your readers that will now have an outlet for interaction and community with your content focus.

Infoswell’s functionality components each represent an opportunity for you to create revenue online. Utilizing each of these elements together is what makes our customers so successful. Your website will come alive with interaction and opportunities for new revenue. Websites that do not deploy this mix of online publication elements rarely ever leverage their growth and profitability potential,not to mention they never keep their readers coming back for more.

One of the most impressive outcomes of the Infoswell framework is the user developed content created from article interaction,forum discussions,classified advertising,and link submissions submitted by your publication’s most avid visitors,subscribers,and readers. This content adds value and confirms that the publication is in tune with its readership and provides beyond print opportunities for interaction and idea or opinion development.

Interested in more information about a partnership with Infoswell? If your have a current website,are budgeting or planning a future website,or just want more information,we want to hear from you! 

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