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Without the right readers,your editors are writing stories that no one will read.  Your advertisers are promoting products that no one will buy.  And you are publishing a magazine that is doomed to failure. 

Whether your target audience is paid or controlled,business or consumer,finding the prospects that will actually be converted into subscribers is no easy task.  After your magazine is up and running,trade shows,subscription services and other circulation efforts will come into play.  In the beginning,however,direct mail,phone and e-mail marketing are simply the best,most cost-effective vehicles for building your circulation. 

A compiled (sometimes called "yellow page") mailing list is often the best way to start.  Renting the list with a one year unlimited use clause will save you money and give you an "instant audience" for your magazine.  Using cover wraps and other methods,you should be able to convert a generous portion of this list to bona fide subscribers over the course of the year. 

A seasoned list broker that specializes in working with magazine launches will be invaluable to you in putting together your first issue launch. 

Unless you’ve been in the business for a while,the task of sorting through the tens of thousands of mailing,telemarketing and e-mail lists on the market will be daunting,time consuming and expensive,at best.  This is where using the services of a list broker makes great sense.  Choose a list broker that understands the magazine publishing business and the goals you’re trying to achieve with your circulation.  They should be able to provide you with a number of options based on your budget,criteria and the number of times you want to contact each subscription prospect.

Contributed by is a site devoted to helping you increase your circulation at a very low cost with absolutely no risk.  Adding your publication allows us to promote your magazine to thousands of visitors,giving them the opportunity to subscribe (using an exact replica of your sub form). Your magazine (and media kit) will also be seen by manufacturers and other advertising prospects that we drive to the site each day.