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Verified Audit Circulation’s internationally recognized,independent circulation auditing,field verification,and custom research services create new ad revenue by helping publishers provide advertisers with the standardized,reliable data needed to make informed media buying decisions.

These auditing procedures contribute to excellence in distribution and circulation management which leads to cost savings and increased distribution effectiveness. Verified’s employs experts in the third-party documentation of a publication’s success in reaching interested,loyal readers.

Verified’s clients include paid and free community newspapers; TMCs; shopping guides; alternative newsweeklies; ethnic,special interest and niche publications; trade and consumer magazines; yellow pages directories; marketing,communications,and advertising companies; distributors; and printers.

Verified’s audit reports are sent to Market Place Print,NSA,SPM,Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS),Sunflower,United States Suburban Press,Inc. (USSPI),Valassis,and to other independent ad placement services,advertisers,marketers,newspaper representatives,and selling organizations.

Circulation Auditing
Advertisers use audit reports to compare and evaluate advertising opportunities,and most national and regional advertisers require audited circulation. Local advertisers look for audited circulation as a mark of credibility and professionalism.

Verified’s step-by-step approach makes the auditing process flow smoothly. The records required for an audit are the same records that are needed for an efficient,accountable circulation department. Verified’s internationally recognized circulation auditing programs add strength and credibility to sales programs. The audits help your circulation department run efficiently,maximize your press run,and have proven to increase advertising sales.

Field Verification
Verified Audit Circulation provides you with the confidence that advertising messages are being received. They are an industry leader in distribution verification and follow-up research on advertising. 

Verified provides professional,independent,third-party verification of how your product was delivered. Through follow-up research methods,they track the effectiveness of a product’s campaign from the perspective of the brand,marketer,or distribution company.

Verified’s verification services include yellow pages directories,door hangers,branded delivery bags,and other materials delivered directly to consumer homes. Documentation and evaluation of distribution performance directly in the field assures that advertising messages are delivered as promised.

Website Auditing

Website auditing includes reliable audience and traffic measurement that is essential to the media buying and selling process. Auditing is vital to attracting and retaining advertisers on the Web because it provides:
   -Independent verification of the site activity
   -Assurance of ad delivery
   -Standardized and comparable performance indexes
   -A level playing field for all sites

Verified’s Web traffic audits provide third-party verification of number of visits,new users,time spent on the site,and other key metrics. The analysis and reports helps publishers evaluate and maximize success in attracting visitors to their sites.

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