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Article Highlights:

    * Takeovers that begin quickly with non-static creatives are most effective
    * A takeover is an event so the creative better be out of the ordinary
    * Takeovers don’t need to be big and intrusive to succeed

Before you read this,open up a new tab in your browser. Enter the url for your favorite publisher and ask yourself this question: Who brought you the content?

No matter where you went,there’s a good chance you don’t have a single answer to that question. In all likelihood,no single brand brought you that experience because homepage takeovers — while they are powerful tools — are the exception to the rule. The tactic requires a relatively large budget,stellar coordination between brand,agency and publisher,and creative worth talking about. And those are just the standard barriers to entry when it comes to a takeover.

Once you’ve got the green light for a campaign that involves a takeover,there are dozens of issues to consider,which is why we’ve tapped some takeover veterans to give us the do’s and dont’s for a successful homepage takeover.

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