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Are you starting a new magazine or is your publication already off the ground? If so,you can already relate to the need for solutions and ideas to handle your daily publishing challenges. Joining a publishing association with the membership,experience,and resources to support your business is well worth the time and member fee investment.

Since their founding in 1996,the IPA’s (Independent Press Association) mission has been to help independent publishers continue publishing and remain independent. Our founders are themselves independent publishers,committed to the ideals of social justice and a free press and visionary enough to see the logic in combining forces. Now,with over 450 members,we’ve grown to become a rich chorus of voices.
In addition to the list of some key Membership values listed below,the IPA hosts an email discussion group where Members exchange ideas about issues and opportunities related to magazine publishing. Questions & answer discussions are posted daily such as "What’s the typical discount offered to stores for selling your magazine?" and,"What type of advertising database is working best for other magazine publishers?"

Here are some other key benefits for IPA Members:

1. Break the Isolation:

In the past,IPA members have operated in a professional vacuum,causing many to reinvent the wheel. Today,through the IPA listserv,newsletter,conferences and workshops,as well as our technical assistance manuals,IPA is pooling knowledge and making connections between members.

2. Access Capital:

One of the key issues facing small magazines is a lack of access to capital – problems not faced by Viacom or AOL-Time Warner. In response,IPA created the Revolving Loan Fund,enabling member publications to borrow up to $50,000.

3. Increase Diversity:

In staffing,content and audience,many independent publications have not done a very good job at the task of diversity. To help solve this problem,IPA connects people of color to the independent press through internships,training programs,fellowships,and job placement mechanisms.

4. United,We’re Stronger:

Joining together through the IPA gives independent publishers the political clout they need to stand against the forces of media consolidation. The Ben Franklin Postal Rates Campaign,for instance,has given independent publications a voice in Washington that’s already won significant postage discounts for small magazines.

5. Discounts on Vital Publishing Resources:

The IPA introduces a new benefit for IPA members only: 15% off Nolo’s selected how-to books covering the publishing issues publishers care about. Nolo do-it-yourself books are invaluable to the small independent publisher and business person. Find out more about the titles here…


If you’d like more information about joining the IPA Click Here to get started today!

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