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-After you’ve set your goals,investigate the necessary tools for accomplishing your campaign goals
-Know your recipients,whether you acquired their information yourself or through a third party
-Testing your campaign repeatedly ensures delivery and consumer response

So how do you get an email campaign off the ground and do it the right way? I am asked this question all the time,and my response is always a little different based on the type of business,its specific goals,internal resources,technical requirements,etc. However,there are seven core steps that I almost always recommend to clients,and I’m going to share those here.

As you’ll see below,the steps start at the very beginning,and that’s critical. In fact,the first four steps should be taken before you even start designing the campaign. Laying the right foundation will go a long way towards ensuring compelling results down the road,so I recommend that you resist the temptation to jump ahead. Your conversion and customer satisfaction metrics will thank you.

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Step 1: Determine what you want to accomplish with your email campaign

Unless you take the time to put together a mission statement for your new campaign (even at a basic level),there’s no way you will be able to determine if it is a success or not. Without true metrics and goals in mind,you will not be able to effectively answer and address the key questions that will inevitably come up later in the process.

You first need to decide if your new campaign is for retention of current customers,acquisition of new customers,revenue generation (e.g.,a spring sale),brand awareness,or some other purpose. Next,you need to outline the objectives for the campaign,whether it is an increase in certain types of members,increased average order size,etc.

What type of e-mail program do you follow?  What works for you?