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Article HIghlights:

* Use your emails to offer a glimpse of your website
* If you have multiple offers,send more than one message
* Personalize the message as much as you can

When I look at retailers’ email programs,I am always surprised at the number of them who send a simple text email confirming that someone has been added to their mailing list.

I like to think of this first email,the "welcome" email,as a first date. Think about when someone you like asks you out (or agrees to go out with you). After doing a little dance and singing "they like me,they really like me," you would probably start to plan on how to make it a great date. Would you show up with bad breath and a stain on your shirt? I should hope not. You would get cleaned up,put on a nice outfit,and show up with roses.

Similarly,if we think of that initial email as a first date,then we should take that opportunity to put our best foot forward,and send customers the best welcome email that we can. The email should represent your brand and your website,and set expectations for what the recipient will be receiving in the future. Here are a few tips to help you shine on that first date:

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