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Foster Reprints

About Foster Reprints

Nearly 4 Decades of Outstanding Service to the Publishing Industry


FosteReprintsNot only is FosteReprints the leader in the reprints business,our company also founded the industry. Since the concept of reprints surfaced in the late 1960s,we have assisted a wide range of publications generate additional revenue through successful reprint program development and we have met the growing demands of the industry with our high quality products.

Our commitment to excellence and customer service is the reason we can proudly celebrate more than 80 years in the printing industry — with over 35 years of service as North America’s reprint specialist to a discerning publishing clientele.

We have founded our business based on FosteReprints’ superior in-house services,sans outsourcing and broker fees. Taking steadfast responsibility for all we undertake has allowed us to forge strong,long lasting business relationships. By providing a full spectrum of quality services at our facility,clients trust FosteReprints with their reprints and custom print projects,knowing that our professional team and state-of-the-art technology assure that the utmost care is taken and the finest results are achieved.

About Re-Prints

Reprints Enhance Your Marketing and Promotional Efforts
A reprint is a reproduction of editorial or advertising content that has appeared in a publication,independently printed from the publication.

  Reprints have a variety of uses including:

  • Handouts for tradeshows and conferences
  • Direct mail to customers and prospects
  • Press kit materials
  • Point-of-Sale enhancement
  • Promotional pieces for retailers
  • High impact visual aids
  • New product announcements
  • Training aids for educational purposes
  • Follow-up to prospect inquiries

Making Your Reprint Sales Profitable
Reprints can be an excellent profit center for publishers. By personalizing your content to target audiences and proactively marketing each issue you can drive sales and boost your bottom line. Plus,you will also achieve additional brand exposure as reprints can attract new subscriptions,renewals,and potential advertisers. Also place ads regarding availability of reprints within your publications. Finally,effectively price your reprints by establishing your mark-up based upon industry standards.

  Your reprint sales can extend to:

  • Featured advertisers
  • Featured companies and those quoted on your pages
  • Companies in related markets
  • Authors
  • Educators
  • Individuals and organizations to whom your content is of value

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